Liberty Fireworks started with humble beginnings in the summer of 1990. Kristi Brewer-Campbell and her sister-in-law Samantha Brewer, had a vision to not only sell fireworks to the local community of eastern Oklahoma county, but to create an experience while celebrating our countries independence that no one could duplicate. And for over 25 years they have been doing just that with two locations in Nicoma Park and in Harrah, Oklahoma.From their rock bottom prices on Black Cat, Brothers, and Red Rhino products, to the wholesome family festival of the Liberty Fireworks Bash held prior to the 4th of July, you’ll be sure to walk away from Liberty Fireworks a very happy customer and patriot! Upcoming Events stay tuned!


As a way to celebrate our community and everyone’s efforts to keep each other safe, Liberty Fireworks is doing something completely different this year!


On Saturday June 27th, 2020 the Liberty Fireworks Bash will be “drive-in” style and held from 6P-10P at THE AMP at the Park located behind Liberty Fireworks.


This event is free and open to the public. You are invited to listen to the live band from THE AMP’S brand new stage from inside your vehicle by tuning in to your car radio. No outside seating will be provided, but chairs and/or blankets are encouraged for sitting outside your vehicle. Food trucks, a beer tent and restrooms will be available on site. The fireworks show will blast off at 10PM.


See you at THE AMP!


What is THE AMP?

The Amp is a brand new venue that will be the home of many future live events for Nicoma Park, OK.


Where is the Liberty Fireworks Bash located?

Liberty Fireworks

2540 Liberty Blvd.

Nicoma Park, OK 73066

Are dogs welcome?

Yes, however they must be on a leash no longer than 5 feet at all times and must be friendly.  We do reserve the right to ask anyone whose dogs present a danger to leave.


How do we hear the music from the band and the fireworks show in our vehicle?

You can listen to the band’s music and the music played during the fireworks show by tuning your vehicle’s radio to 88.1 FM.


If my vehicle’s radio does not work, what do I do?

You can bring a portable radio.


Can we leave our engine running during the bash?

We would like this to be a pleasant experience for everyone, therefore, it is preferred that your vehicle’s engine remain off during the bash for the convenience of those around you.  It is understandable if you need to run your engine intermittently during the event for air conditioning.

What if our vehicle’s battery dies?

If you turn your engine off, and place your key in the “accessory” position, your vehicle’s battery should not drain.  However, if it does, we can assist you in getting your vehicle started.

Can we back our vehicle into the parking space?


If I have a larger vehicle, where do I park?

All larger vehicles, trucks, vans, SUVs, etc. will be directed to park in a designated area towards the back of the parking lot.

Can I leave the hatchback open?

Yes, but please tie the hatchback down so it is level with the roof of your vehicle so those behind you can see.

How will I know where to park?

There will be parking attendants around the parameter and they will direct you.

Can we arrive early and save parking spots for our friends and family who will be arriving later?

No, parking spaces cannot be saved for late arrivals.

Can we set up chairs and blankets outside of our vehicle?

Yes, but we ask that you place your chairs and/or blankets in front of your vehicle, so that all parking spaces are available for the other patrons.

Can we cook on our grill at the bash?

No.  There are no open flames or cooking devices allowed.

Can we bring an ice chest with food/drinks?